We have extensive experience of both local and cloud based solutions, but with more and more solutions being based in the cloud, we have increased our offerings and expertise.

We advise our customers which business applications are best hosted, either entirely or partially, in the cloud and our portfolio includes products such as Microsoft Outlook-integrated hosted email, website and web application hosting, cloud backups and virtual servers.

Hosted Email

Hosted Microsoft Exchange mailboxes brings all the features of Exchange, such as shared calendars, contacts and mailboxes, coupled with Microsoft’s history of exceptionally low down-time, at a fraction of the cost of having your own physical server and local Exchange licensing.

Automated off-site backups

We have our own UK-based secure data storage facility and offer our clients online backups to this facility at a very competitive cost. The software we use allows you to “set it and forget it”, meaning no-one has to check configurations, set backups running or change tapes.


Within our UK-based infrastructure, we are able to host your company website or web-based applications, served either from our own hosting servers or your own virtual or dedicated server with a variety of flexible payment options. Alongside this, we also provide a fully-managed and low-cost domain registration and management service.