As more and more devices become internet-connected, and more and more businesses allow their employees to bring their own devices into the workplace, IT security has and will become increasingly important.

We are Gold partners with the internationally recognised IT security provider Cyberoam, and our team are fully certified as Cyberoam IT security experts.

Managed Security

With extensive experience of IT security hardware and software from a number of vendors including Cyberoam, F-Secure and Sophos, we can manage your IT security for you, helping to create Acceptable Use policies and corporate IT guidelines for your staff and providing monitoring and reporting on employee internet and email usage.

Spam Filtering and Antivirus

We offer both desktop and a range of perimeter firewall solutions to help protect your network and PC’s from viruses and spam emails. These act as a barrier between your trusted internal network and the rest of the internet and work to block and prevent viruses, spam and hacking attempts from even entering your systems.