We have a number of telephony products available that not only improve efficiency but also save you time and money.

Our Wytel branded product range spans IP telephony, cloud based telephone systems and even bespoke billing solutions for resellers that offer a variety of telephone services.


VoIP (Voice over IP) essentially allows your business to make and receive telephone calls via your internet connection. There are several advantages of this technology, including the ability to move your telephone systems with minimal fuss to a new location, much cheaper call charges, and improved voice quality.

Telephone Systems

We offer two distinctly different types of telephone system. Firstly, an on-site controller “box”, usually located at your main premises, to which a multitude of telephone devices can be physically connected and that offers a much lower monthly cost per handset.

Secondly, a cloud based hosted system, where you are supplied with the latest in portable telephone handsets that connect via the internet to our own controller housed in a secure UK datacentre. This option eliminates the capital cost of having to buy your own controller, and provides the flexibility to take your phone anywhere in the world with an internet connection, whilst still making and receiving calls to the same number at the same cost.

Billing Solutions

The Wytel billing software processes Call Detail Records (CDRs) from a variety of telephone providers and allows VoIP resellers to import their client database, configure their own billing rates, convert this raw data, create and automatically send customer ready final invoices that are customisable in terms of layout and branding.