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Why is multi-factor authentication so important?


When logging into any online account, whether for work, banking or social reasons, you are usually prompted to type in a username and password. This process is called authentication and is used to verify a user and grant them access to their accounts. This process is in place to protect sensitive data and provide privacy by only allowing access to a user with the correct login details. As many find it difficult to remember multiple passwords, they will often use the same password for multiple accounts, which can potentially provide hackers with a golden opportunity to get into multiple accounts and access a lot of valuable, sensitive data with ease. This is why multi-factor authentication was created. 
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What is multi-factor authentication or MFA?

Multi-factor authentication or MFA requires a user to provide their usual username and password but with an additional form of verification to confirm their identity and gain access to an account. This makes it difficult for an unauthorised person to get into an account to access personal information and cloud-based data. An example of MFA might be an additional password in the form of randomly generated numerical codes. A security measure like  this, coupled with a strong, secure password adds an extra layer of protection to devices and accounts.

Why should I use multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection and security to personal and professional accounts, increasing the difficulty for hackers who may attempt to get access to sensitive data. With MFA, a thief would need to steal the account password and the device that is used to provide additional authentication, usually a phone, which may also have its own pin, password or fingerprint to access. In the unlikely event that a phone gets stolen and goes unnoticed, these additional layers of security make it incredibly difficult to gain access to an account.

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Taking simple steps and necessary precautions can go a long way to preventing online crime, but eliminating it entirely is unrealistic. The prevention of cybercrime is why we must reinforce our online security measures to the best of our ability to keep our data safe.

Multi-factor authentication gives users an extra layer of security, so it should be used wherever possible for work and personal accounts, especially when securing sensitive data. Most online services now support the option of adding further steps of authentication from social profiles to bank and email accounts. To take advantage of the benefits of multi-factor authentication, go to your account settings and enable these security measures, or as your IT management team for help and support with setting this up across your accounts.

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