With extensive experience of IT cyber security solutions from a range of vendors, our engineers can implement and manage robust IT security for your business. Beyond the essentials, such as firewall and antivirus set-up, we can help to create Acceptable Use policies and corporate IT guidelines for your staff, as well as provide monitoring and reporting on employee internet and email usage.

Firewall and Antivirus

We offer desktop and perimeter firewall solutions to help protect your network and PCs from viruses and spam emails. These act as a barrier between your trusted internal network and the rest of the internet and work to block and prevent viruses, spam and hacking attempts from even entering your systems.

IT Policy & Process Guidance

We can provide guidance for your organisation on the design and delivery of IT policies and best-practice business processes, including:

  • PRACTICAL acceptable use policy
  • COMPREHENSIVE disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • PLAIN AND SIMPLE remote working guidelines

Vulnerability Testing

Through our vulnerability testing service, Wytech engineers are able to interrogate your business network, including servers, remote connections, and websites, to produce a 700+ page report that identifies the key areas of vulnerability. From this report, our engineers will provide specific and detailed recommendations to implement corrective measures.

  • PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS: An intelligent security solution can protect your business, notably your staff and your profits, from the ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks, the majority of which are being aimed at SME organisations.
  • MINIMISE FINANCIAL LOSSES: A robust managed security solution can help to insulate your business against financial losses and regulatory fines due to data breaches.
  • MAINTAIN CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE: Providing reassurance to your customers, partners and suppliers that your business is secure against cyber threats will help to grow revenues.
  • RESILIENT BACKUP disaster recovery and business continuity planning


Leverage Wytech technical expertise to help your organisation achieve Cyber Essentials certification quickly and easily. Our engineers will guide you through the process, prepare your IT infrastructure, and liaise with our partner at IASME, the Cyber Essentials accreditation body, to successfully complete the certification process.

Cyber Essentials is right for you if:

  • You’re looking for base-level security certification to demonstrate to your customers, partners and suppliers that you have key controls in place
  • Your employees are primarily office-based and their IT equipment is under your administration and typically does not leave your premises
  • You have physical and technical controls for restricting access for third parties, such as clients and suppliers visiting your offices.


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