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Effortless IT and telephony

At Wytech we are passionate about simplifying IT, empowering you and your team to make well-informed decisions.

We provide honest, plain-English advice and have a friendly engineering team, dedicated to the success of your business.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service
…but don’t just take our word for it:

Wytech has been a key part in our growth as a company, expanding alongside us to support our increasing service and support needs.

Wytech have always worked to find the best solutions to support these varying conditions, capacities and business needs, ensuring they understand where we are heading as a business and working closely with us to ensure our needs are met. 

Ben Krysiak

Business Director, Trent PTS

Trustworthy, personal and efficient!

Wytech have continually taken the time to understand how our business works as we evolve. What sets them apart for me is their proactive approach to helping us improve our processes and efficiency.

Couldn’t recommend enough!

Iwan Price

Head of Integration, James Leighton Financial Services

We received a grant from Marches and Marches Broadband Scheme in 2018 to connect the 38 units at Churcham Business Park to a dedicated 1Gb leased line.

Wytech took all the hassle and planning out of the project. They installed all the equipment efficiently and on schedule with a minimum impact on the business park or the tenants. We had no hesitation in extending their contract at the end of the initial term.

David Smart

Director, Smart Farms

Simple IT services

IT support roundel

Proactive Support and

Helpdesk Service

Reduce your IT cost by using our award-winning Managed IT service, backed by a helpdesk staffed with experienced engineers who will do their utmost to resolve all issues the first time.

VoIP and telephony roundel

Business Telephones

and VoIP

Wytech’s VoIP (Voice over IP) service allows your business to make and receive telephone calls via your internet connection, with no need for costly additional telephone lines.

Security roundel

Cyber Security


Leverage the expertise of our security consultants to defend your business against the mounting risks of lost revenue and fines from ever-more-sophisticated cyber attacks.

Cloud services roundel



Work, share and collaborate with your colleagues and clients using the industry-leading Microsoft Office 365 tools to drive efficiency into your business.

Networking roundel

Networking, Broadband

& Communications

Connectivity is more important now than ever before. Take full advantage of our wide range of Internet connectivity options, along with our in-house fibre-optic and copper cabling engineers.

Backup and disaster recovery roundel

Backup &

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your greatest business asset – your data – is not only backed up securely both online and offline, but is readily available for quick recovery when needed.

Effortless telephone solutions

Wytel VoIP range - softphone, mobile app, desk phone

Telephone solutions in a post-Covid world


Business telephones shouldn’t be complicated or expensive and shouldn’t tie you in to an unnecessarily long-term commitment.

Wytech Telephony (Wytel) gives users access to a desk phone, a softphone and a mobile app so they can be present and connected no matter where they are working and suits every business size from 1 to 1000 users.

All available on contract terms ranging from 3 months to 3 years with a simple per-user cost.

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