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Wytech work in partnership with several of the UK’s leading VoIP telephony providers, ensuring we can recommend a solution that is the right fit for you and your business, whether you’re looking for a single business telephone, a 500-user multi-site solution with mobile and desktop applications; or something in between.

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What is VoIP?

Wytech’s VoIP (Voice over IP) service – “Wytel”, allows your business to make and receive telephone calls via your internet connection, with no need for costly additional telephone lines.

What can VoIP do for my business?

Our cloud-based system offers a wide range of handsets to suit your business requirements. These range from simple desk phones to cordless telephones and even the latest conference phones perfect for a meeting room.

What are the key advantages and disadvantages of VoIP?

Our clients benefit from the ability to move telephones between locations, such as taking handsets home, with no fuss. In addition to this, our service also provides clients with much cheaper call charges and improved voice quality when compared to traditional telephone lines. Internal calls can be easily made and transferred between telephones free of charge, whether the phones are in the same location or not.

Traditionally, VoIP lines can sometimes suffer from poor internet, causing calls to drop out or decline in quality. However, unlike many other telephone providers, because Wytech are networking and connectivity experts, we can use these expertise to maximise your internet connection speed and ensure your telephones have dedicated bandwidth available, ensuring your calls connect with crystal clear audio every time.

What VoIP services do Wytech provide?

The Wytel VoIP service provides the flexibility to use your phone anywhere in the world, whilst still making and receiving calls via the same number at the same cost, as long as there is an internet connection.

We can also provide each user with a Windows, Android or IOS softphone app. This gives you all of the features of a physical telephone handset, from your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Frequently asked questions:

Common questions about VoIP and the Wytel service:

VoIP Technology

What does "VoIP" stand for?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”; essentially the technology of connecting your telephones up to your internet connection, rather than telephone lines.

What does VoIP do?

VoIP essentially allows you to connect your phones up to your home or business router and enjoy all the benefits of a traditional business telephone system with much lower cost (cheaper calls and no need for multiple telephone lines,) and far greater flexibility.

The Wytel Service

What equipment do I need?

In many cases, none. Assuming you already have a laptop or desktop computer, (or a mobile phone,) VoIP can be installed as an application, getting you up and running in no time at all. That being said, a wide variety of telephone handsets are also available, specifically designed for use with VoIP.

Our Commitment

If I don't like the service, what are my options?

While we pride ourselves on the diligence of our team in making sure the service is a good fit for you, your risk is minimal.

Wytech’s ethos is that we want happy clients. We wont achieve this by tying clients into long-term contracts that they do not wish to be in, so we keep things simple and as light on commitment as we can.

Wytel is available on a 90-day rolling contract, and porting your number out to an alternative service is straightforward and easy.