What is Wytech VoIP Telephony?

Wytech’s VoIP (Voice over IP) service allows your business to make and receive telephone calls via your internet connection, with no need for costly additional telephone lines.

Our clients benefit from the ability to move telephones between locations, such as taking handsets home, with minimal fuss. In addition to this, our service also provides clients with much cheaper call charges and improved voice quality.

Our cloud-based system offers a wide range of handsets to suit your business requirements. These range from simple desk phones to cordless telephones and even the latest conference phones perfect for a meeting room.

The Wytel VoIP system provides the flexibility to take your phone anywhere in the world, whilst still making and receiving calls to the same number at the same cost, as long as there is an internet connection.

We also provide an optional Windows, Android or IOS softphone app. This gives you all of the features of a physical telephone handset, from your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

If you’d like a closer look at the features included in your VoIP monthly subscription, read our Wytel VoIP Telephony Flyer:


  • REDUCE CALL COSTS: Benefit from low-cost calls in the UK and internationally.
  • STAY CONNECTED: Take your extension with you and make and receive calls from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • SOFTPHONE: Allows you to make telephone calls over the internet using your mobile, desktop or laptop, without needing a physical phone on your desk.


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