IT Support Services

Wytech offers a variety of products and services to suit individual business needs. We manage and support a wide range of business services with the aim of bringing a holistic support experience to our clients and partners, providing tailored solutions to fit their specifications.

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Managed IT Service

and Helpdesk

Reduce your IT cost by using our award-winning Managed IT service, backed by a helpdesk staffed with experienced engineers who will do their utmost to resolve all issues the first time.

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VoIP Telephony Systems

Wytech’s VoIP (Voice over IP) service allows your business to make and receive telephone calls via your internet connection, with no need for costly additional telephone lines.

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Cyber Security


Leverage the expertise of our security consultants to defend your business against the mounting risks of lost revenue and fines from ever-more-sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Work, share and collaborate with your colleagues and clients using the industry-leading Microsoft Office 365 tools to drive efficiency into your business.

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Networking, Broadband

& Communications

Connectivity is more important now than ever before. Take full advantage of our wide range of Internet connectivity options, along with our in-house fibre-optic and copper cabling engineers.

Backup and disaster recovery roundel

Backup &

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your greatest business asset – your data – is not only backed up securely both online and offline, but is readily available for quick recovery when needed.