Wytech’s managed IT service provides a cost-effective solution that can scale with your business as it grows.

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In the scenario of a husband and wife team starting a new business from home, it is easy to see how ‘IT’ might not appear at the top of their long list of requirements and costs. Another common scenario is that of a rapidly expanding business of five or more employees about to move into a dedicated office for the first time, who are understandably more focussed on the immediate pressures of the move than the need to assess their changing IT requirements. Similar scenarios will play out across organisations of all shapes and sizes, where IT is often relegated to a tactical reaction rather than a strategic plan.

But today, IT is the foundation stone of every organisation. It facilitates the creation, storage and distribution of every bit of data a business needs to function and trade. The loss, theft or corruption of that data can bring any organisation to a halt, often with severe financial repercussions.

Wytech’s managed IT service provides a cost-effective solution that can scale with your business as it grows. We won’t suggest you implement costly or complex solutions that are out of step with the size or needs of your business. Our experienced and friendly support engineers can help to proactively monitor and manage your IT environment, identifying and resolving issues before they even impact the users. Even on a tight budget, we can ensure that your business systems are secure and your data backed up such that, should the worst happen, we can get you back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for SMEs

  • STRATEGIC VALUE: Wytech offers our clients more than just support and services (though we do them very well). Whether it’s developing a cyber security initiative or planning the replacement of an aged but critical server, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will dramatically reduce business risk and, ultimately, reduce cost.
  • PARTNERSHIP APPROACH: We have always believed in treating our customers like partners, where your success and ours are interlinked. Tell us your business requirements and we will work with you to define a solution that suits your organisation, not most organisations.
  • SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: Your support calls will be answered by one of our dedicated support engineers, always with the aim of one-call resolution to reduce time and effort.
  • DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER: From the moment you become a client you will be allocated a named account manager who will help with the on-boarding process, liaise on projects, and provide regular account reviews.