Business Parks

At Wytech, we understand the needs of business park owners and their tenants, ranging from micro-businesses to large multi-national organisations.

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At Wytech we understand the needs of business park owners and their tenants, who can range from micro-businesses to large multi-national organisations. Access to fast, reliable broadband connectivity is now an essential business enabler: cloud storage and backup, e-commerce, video conferencing, social media and content on-demand services have increased the bandwidth needed by most modern businesses to unprecedented levels.

Wytech has delivered many successful broadband projects, managing every stage from initial scoping and planning through to the installation of fibre at the premises. Our highly-skilled fibre optic install team can take on any size of project, from simply linking two buildings together right up to deploying a park-wide fibre network.

But we don’t stop there. Once the service is live, our dedicated team of support engineers are available to configure connectivity for each unit and ensure the business users are online.

Benefits of superfast broadband for business park owners and tenants

  • FASTER SPEEDS: Faster upload and download speeds are vital for any business that hosts a website, trades online, receives or sends large data files electronically, or has a high volume of network users.
  • IMPROVED SECURITY: Cyber security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. With dedicated business broadband through a leased line, you can create a static IP address, which is essential for running a secure website and a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • BETTER CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Loss of connectivity causes huge disruption to any business. Having a fully managed broadband network from a specialist provider like Wytech means IT support from a dedicated engineer is just a phone call away.
  • SMARTER TELEPHONY: Superfast broadband speeds enable robust Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solutions that allow business users to make and receive telephone calls via an internet connection, resulting in cheaper call charges, faster voice and video conferencing calls and improved voice quality.